Tuesday, May 31, 2011


After FIVE WEEKS of fog, rain, and general gloom, we have finally (finally!) had two days in a row of beautiful, warm, sunny weather, and it has made me violently happy. So much so that...

- I smiled to the very edges of my face every time I saw a dog, a cute child, or even a little old lady.

- The only colour left in my favorite headphones was pink, and I detest pink, but it didn't even faze me, and I bought them anyway.

- Even though I saw gorgeous manicures and pedicures everywhere, while my own fingers are toes are naked, all I could think was, "I'd rather be out here in the sun than cooped up inside doing my nails!"

- At the peak of my happiness, I saw a cute little Asian girl sporting an "I Love Yoshi" t-shirt, and found myself so delighted by it that I nearly swallowed her in a hug while shrieking, "I love Yoshi too!", even though that is a lie (I prefer Birdo).

P.S. Please note that it took a great amount of restraint not to type this entirely in caps. So fervent is my happiness that it practically demands shouting.