Friday, March 18, 2011

sentimental favorite.

ruffled dress: H&M // cardi: thrifted, Ann Taylor // navy tights: Joe Fresh // leather boots: Miz Mooz // blue scarf: gifted // gold and opal necklace: gifted // cubic zirconia studs: the dollar store!!! (seriously - it's my new favorite place to buy jewelry)

This dress is classic Meg: bows, bold colour, pattern, and ruffles. However, the shiny satin makes it feel a bit fancy for day-to-day wear, so I toned it down with a more casual scarf, cardi and boots. The dress also has some sentimental value: I wore it on the day I graduated from university.

After a very long, trying, and tiring week, it was the perfect thing to wear.

tune of the moment: Don't Stop Believin' - Journey

Wednesday, March 16, 2011

comfy comfort dress.

tune of the moment: Riverside - Hollerado

Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Cloudy sky.

tune of the moment: Mr. Blue Sky - Electric Light Orchestra

Monday, March 14, 2011

spur of the moment.

Ruffled short-sleeve cardi: Joe Fresh // Floral shirtdress: H&M // black tights: thrifted, Ralph Lauren // leather boots: Miz Mooz // white scarf, dyed by me // watch necklace: local store // silver bracelets: gifted, handmade in Arizona

Some days, blogging is really hard. I want to keep my private life private here to an extent, and today all I can think about are things I'm not "allowed" (rather, that I won't allow myself) to discuss on the blog. Things like money. And faith. Things that are scary, but that I'm still hopeful about.

And I guess that's all I can say, really.

tune of the moment: There Goes the Fear - Doves

Friday, March 11, 2011

Red but not rad.

ruffled dress: H&M // cardi: thrifted, Ann Taylor // slip: thrifted // grey tights: Joe Fresh // leather boots: Miz Mooz // black bangle: dollar store // locket necklace: local store

I have recently become obsessed with red lipstick, as you may have noticed. I found a lovely pinky-red that rather suits me, and am excited to wear it! However, it makes my husband wants to kiss me, but he doesn't want to come away with my lipstick smudged all over him.

So I start looking for longwearing red lipstick. I find one with good reviews on MakeupAlley (Maybelline's SuperStay) and go buy it in a shade that looks nice and dark in the tube. And oh, it's dark all right - too dark, especially with this cheerful red-orange dress.

At least my outfit worked out! As I was walking home from work one day, I saw two girls wearing cowgirl-esque boots with grey tights and flimsy pink dresses within about a minute of each other, and I knew as soon as I was done the 30 for 30, I'd recreate the ensemble with my own closet.

Plus I was so excited to rock my new Miz Mooz boots, purchased on eBay for a song. I don't plan on taking them off until I absolutely HAVE to switch to summer footwear...

Thursday, March 10, 2011

30 (and 31?!) of 30: you can't *handle* the dress!

Dress: Lands' End Canvas // cable knit hoodie: thrifted, Gap // denim pencil skirt: thrifted, dyed by me // black tights: thrifted, Ralph Lauren // grey socks: the dollar store! // boots: gifted, Rieker // watch necklace: local store // leather belt: thrifted

I was hoping that this outfit was going to work, because I knew it would be cute and stylish if it did. When I put it on, I was happy to discover that the high waist on the skirt hit the dress at just the right point. I admired my outfit in the mirror. It looked like what would happen if The Clothes Horse and Delightfully Tacky's closets mated. In a good way.

And then, at work, I ate breakfast (chocolate mint tea with honey and key lime cheesecake with rapsberry sauce and lime cream. I regret nothing). I felt… slightly uncomfortable. Then, a little later, I ate lunch. And then I took outfit photos, in which I looked bloated (side note: and I took them OUTSIDE! It was FREEZING!). And then I started to feel constrained, and a little fat. I was worried about getting cold on the walk home, but my comfort right now was more important.

So off to the bathroom I went, removing the offending skirt, but keeping the belt, loose, around my waist. I took off my watch (kind of pointless, when one's necklace has a watch in it), and replaced it with a darling red bangle I bought at the dollar store (sister to my beloved black-ish bangle).

Voila, a very unexpected outfit 31.

Dress: Lands' End Canvas // black tights: thrifted, Ralph Lauren // grey socks: the dollar store! // boots: gifted, Rieker // watch necklace: local store // leather belt: thrifted

Also, last night was my first time trying out argan oil in my hair. You've probably heard of Moroccanoil? Yes, well, same oil, different price point.

Considering I dyed my hair this week (so much dyeing lately!), my hair feels very soft and smells nice. And holy volume! My fine hair doesn't usually have bounce! It has waves, but not bounce! And look at it! Bouncing!

I think I may be in love.

And now, here is my "30 for 30" completion happy dance!

Wednesday, March 9, 2011

29 of 30: Plainly preppy.

blue button-down: Joe Fresh // navy cardigan: Joe Fresh // a-line mini: thrifted, J. Crew // tights: Joe Fresh // pumps: Seychelles // crystal studs: the drug store // chunky necklace: estate sale

This was not the outfit that I had planned: that outfit only has the blue button-down in common with this one. I wanted to be sleek and feel a bit preppy. I blame reading through the archives of Privilege (not that reading said blog is a bad thing at all, no! Just reading about Sturdy Gals tamped down my Artsy Cousin urges, I think...?).

Also, a neat discovery was made. The sleeves on that cardigan are too long. They extend over my hands, which looks pretty, but makes it hard to type. I had a brainwave today, though, and cuffed my sleeves. It completely transformed things for me. Why have I not done this before? It's so much easier than trying to cuff a pair of pants, and so cute!

Tuesday, March 8, 2011

28 of 30: Androgynous much?

embellished tee: Gap // red cardi: thrifted // black skinny pants: Banana Republic // Rieker granny boots, not seen // white and plum scarf: gifted, dyed by me! // crystal earrings: the drug store!!! // beaded bangle: the dollar store!!! // watch: gifted, Roxy

Have you ever woken up in the morning with no idea what to wear and browsed through some of your favorite fashion blogs, looking for inspiration? I do. Today, I was inspired by (read: copied) one of Elaine's outfits. She looks much cuter in androgynous get-ups than I do.

Of course, I added my own touches to the look - I need a bit of frilliness in my outfits. I just can't get myself to embrace minimalism. It's okay, though, because my last-minute scarf addition got my husband's unanticipated approval (as in, usually he doesn't comment unless I'm wearing something he likes in general, like long skirts or pink items). Woo hoo! Score another one for dyeing your clothes!
tune of the moment: Young Bride - Midlake

Monday, March 7, 2011

27 of 30: 90s-tastic.

blue maxidress: thrifted, Old Navy // floral cardigan: thrifted, twenty one // amber necklace: mall kiosk // gold M necklace: estate sale // watch: gifted, Roxy // gold twirl earrings: Le Chateau // black boots: gifted, Alfred Sung (not pictured)
I accidentally hit the zoom on my camera today, and didn't notice until after all the photos were taken.

I'd say I'm sorry, but I think they look kinda cute.

And even if I felt a little skimpily dressed for work, I still love this maxidress.

And maxidresses in general. How can you NOT love wearing what is basically a blanket that can't fall off?
tune of the moment: What’s Your Angle - Andrew Bird's Bowl of Fire

Friday, March 4, 2011

26 of 30: stripes week, day 5.

striped shirt: Joe Fresh // cable knit hoodie: thrifted // full skirt: Joe Fresh // black tights: thrifted, Ralph Lauren // granny boots: gifted, Rieker // sheer floral scarf: thrifted // leather belt: thrifted // crystal stud earrings: the drug store! // opal necklace: gifted // watch: gifted, RoxyWanted to look especially cute today, in celebration of six months of marriage to my wonderful husband.

I think I succeded, don't you?
Even if my earrings do look like they belong in the 80s.

tune of the moment: tie between Don't Stop Believin' - Journey & Not Alone Anymore - The Travelling Wilburys

Thursday, March 3, 2011

25 of 30: stripes week, day 4.

striped top: Joe Fresh // denim pencil skirt: thrifted, dyed by me! // black tights: thrifted, Ralph Lauren // brown socks: gifted // grey socks: the dollar store! // black boots: gifted, Alfred Sung (not pictured)

Just like Sydney of The Daybook, today is "Awkward and Awesome Thursday"!

Complimenting my bank teller on her haircolour without getting a stylist recommendation! Argh! I am a fool!

Buying so many groceries on my lunch break that I have to call my husband and ask him to walk me home so that he can help me carry them all… d'oh!
How gung-ho SCDers would say that cocoa is totally FORBIDDEN on the diet. As is MSG… and powdered spices… all of which we use…

After those wonderful outdoor photos on Wednesday, it has been so ridiculously cold outside that I haven't dared take any today.
How I've noticed lately that my clothes have a habit of disappearing. I've been looking for my black jersey maxi skirt for months now!
I was feeling a bit nervous about wearing my newly dyed denim skirt today. Even though I spent a good half-hour rinsing out all the colour and it's been sitting, dried, on a clothes rack for about a week, I was worried that the dye would run the second it got wet (any rain or snow, a wet hand brushing against it, any sweating at all...). Luckily, that hasn't been the case… which is awesome.

How huge the bananas at the fancy grocery store were… and cost half the price of the bananas at the regular store…? Not sure why, but hey, no complaints from me!
My husband's discovery that we can make SCD-legal chocolate! The man is a genius, I tell you.
After years of being embarrassed by my thick wrists, I've finally started to embrace them by wearing bracelets regularly. My new black cuff has been getting TONS of wear so far.
So many different colours are in my closet/corner! It makes me smile every time.
How I manage to keep that corner of the bedroom organised most of the time (unlike my side of the bed…).
Boots on sale! I've never bought shoes online before, so this is exciting. Plus they were 75% off!
Naps with my husband. And our cats plopped down on top of us.
Exclamation points!
tune of the moment: Juliette - Hollerado