Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Remembering NYE, 2000

Skye over at Skylark and Son discussed clothing she'd made for a few New Years' Eve celebrations over the years, and asked her readers what they had been wearing on the first night of the "new millenium" (1999/2000). Here is my response, because I want to remember it:

I was a wee sprog, just turned 13. I went to a party with us teens and younger in the basement while the grown-ups socialised upstairs. I recall a table full of junk food, piles of boy band CDs and games of limbo. I wore a silvery, open crocheted top with long sleeves over a textured crimson full-length dress. I had my hair half-up and half-down with two horrid little tendrils in front, as was the fashion at the time. I could see myself wearing something similar today, actually (minus the tendrils and the spaghetti straps).