Specific Carbohydrate Diet

The Specific Carbohydrate Diet is followed by a number of people with digestive disorders and/or autism. I'm using it to treat (and potentially cure) my Crohn's disease. 

The SCD is grain-free (and thus gluten-free), starch-free, sugar-free, and allows for limited dairy consumption (hard cheeses, homemade yogurt, and lactose-free milk products). 

I diverge from the traditional SCD because I eat cocoa and chocolate with a cocoa content of 85% or higher. 

It's a challenging diet, but also a healthy and delicious one. I lovingly refer to the food I eat as "freak food", but no one complains when I share it!

For more info on the SCD, visit: http://www.scdiet.org/ or take a peek at the links on my sidebar.