Monday, October 25, 2010

day 2.

1. I did some art.
Fashion art, even.
This outfit, in real life, is not only pretty but indecently comfy. I might as well be going to work in my pajamas.
Worn two Fridays in a row.

2. Tired at work. Instead of buying a coffee, which is:
A) expensive
B) sometimes nauseating +
C) bad for my stomach,
I had chocolate in small quantities: in some pumpkin muffins, and two little dark chocolates that my boss gave me, spread out throughout the day.

3. Plan for tonight:
-> homemade food (because my husband is sick of road food)
-> cuddles with said husband and cats
-> go to bed early. Too many yawns today.

Not sure if I'm being too gentle on myself with "the project", but am in the midst of a mini-flare. I think rest wins out this time, plus it's a good mental break and will reharge my batteries. Keepin' positive, yo.

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