Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Remembering NYE, 2000

Skye over at Skylark and Son discussed clothing she'd made for a few New Years' Eve celebrations over the years, and asked her readers what they had been wearing on the first night of the "new millenium" (1999/2000). Here is my response, because I want to remember it:

I was a wee sprog, just turned 13. I went to a party with us teens and younger in the basement while the grown-ups socialised upstairs. I recall a table full of junk food, piles of boy band CDs and games of limbo. I wore a silvery, open crocheted top with long sleeves over a textured crimson full-length dress. I had my hair half-up and half-down with two horrid little tendrils in front, as was the fashion at the time. I could see myself wearing something similar today, actually (minus the tendrils and the spaghetti straps).


  1. Aw, nostalgia. I REMEMBER THIS NEW YEARS EVE TOO! (or maybe it was 99 I'm remembering? Can't remember. Same difference.)

    It was a neighbourhood party. We went to different houses. I was 6 or 7. I kept on falling asleep on the couches. My mom would have to wake me up. Begrudgingly, I stumbled into the next house. Hhaha. I don't know why my parentals were so desperate to have me accompany them to their New Years festivities. Weirdoooos.

    Thanks for your comment! In response to you getting your prom make up done at a drugstore... I got my make-up done at Sears! Wayyy better option than, you know, paying $45 for a few hours of a pretty face.


  2. Yeah, I'm not sure which year it was either, without thinking back to math it out.

    And yeah, that seems an odd choice of adventure for a young 'un. Maybe they couldn't find a babysitter?

    Agreed. Especially when you don't have the expertise or own the piles of makeup. :D