Friday, August 6, 2010

On blogging.

I am a terrible blogger.

Over the years, I have started countless blogs... a livejournal (still updated once every couple of months), a dating blog (don't ask - it's long deleted), a food blog (that one lasted a little while, actually), a photography blog (flash in the pan), a Wordpress blog (had maybe one post on it), and now this one.

I also have a neglected librarything account, a goodreads account I check up on from time to time, a Facebook accounts that I use mainly to send messages to friends and occasionally share photos, and a Twitter that I got on a whim to use a food diary but hasn't been updated since the day I made it. There are more that I can't even remember, I'm sure, on xanga, perhaps, and an old poetry website.

The only online thing I've done consistently online is write songs for 50/90 and FAWM, two annual songwriting challenges that have taught me loads about music, made me friends all over the world, and helped me meet the man who will be my husband (!!!) in less than a month.

I mean, in a way blogging is very narcissistic (thought not as much as Twitter, I think), but it's also a really helpful way to chronicle your life, like a virtual diary (even if sometimes it's through the lens of what you ate, what you wore, where you went and who you went with). In my teens, I'd record all the happenings of my travels, even if it was just to visit my cousins one province over.

I love reading other peoples' blogs. Food, music, style, photography, home design, and even day-to-day stuff are all fascinating to me. Reading about peoples' thought and feelings appeals to me a great deal. So many bloggers that I read would make awesome friends, I'm sure, were I to meet them. I don't comment very often, but I do try to visit most of my favorites every day.

Seeing Elaine like (and wear!) my flower-necklace-as-belt suggestion and watching Kendi wear 30 outfits made of 30 items for 30 days makes me want to try my hand at this fashion blogging stuff, too. Watching Meg and her community create beautiful, insightful words about marriage and life makes me want to inspire and uplift others, too.

So, part of me really wants to try it. But do I have the cojones to just go for it? Should I just dive right in and commit to it, or just keep playing around with things until I decide one way or the other?

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