Sunday, August 15, 2010

On my radar: Japanese street fashion

I love Japanese street fashion. I remember reading a book from the library about it, and spending hours poring over it, totally fascinated.

Why it took me this long to start looking for Japanese street fashion blogs, I have no idea.

Even the gents are in on the act! I love a fashionable gentleman.
This girl looks like she stumbled out of a manga. Where else but Japan could you wear an outfit this unique and intricately detailed?
So many great details! Even though her look is monochrome, it's still interesting. I'm in love with her darling rosebud necklace and sweet patterned socks.
A confident, stylish, Japanese Dorothy? Love the ruby red lips and bag.

She's rocking purple hair, a giant tassel on her clutch, and mesh socks. I want to steal her top. Well played.
Love the volume here! Who says short women can't rock floor-length, voluminous garments? I love her little embellished hair chopstick and colorful striped bag!

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