Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Long overdue.

I haven't been blogging at all this summer - something about needing to be outside. Since it's basically wintery for what feels like 9 months out of the year, I didn't want to waste my three months of sunshine.

Recently, I submitted my wedding dress for a thrifting post at Adored Austin. When that post went up this morning, though, I imagined what readers would see if they clicked over to my blog. Before, the first post was reminscing over my NYE outfit from 2000. Now, it's mainly excuses for not posting for 3 months and several blog design changes. That's fairly typical for my blogs, but oh well.

To give this post at least some interest, I'll share an update on the dress. It still thrills me, nearly two years later, that I managed to pick up my wedding dress so cheaply!

In an odd twist of fate, the bride I gifted it to decided not to wear it, in the end. Though I had given her the dress willingly, part of me harboured some regret, so I'm glad to be getting it back. Because I do have a somewhat practical nature, I think I'll chop it to a knee length, add some sleeves (I need more than spaghetti straps!), and dye it (probably navy). The thought of wearing it again, hopefully to the weddings of family and friends, makes me smile.

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