Tuesday, December 8, 2009

pale green nail polish.

When I was visiting my friend Gigi in Rhode Island in August 2008, we had manicures done. Gigi was being done first, so I killed some time by perusing the nail polish colours. And then I found it: the most perfect shade of pale green by some random off-brand that I've long since forgotten. I adored it and refused to remove the nail polish off my fingertips for weeks after I'd arrived home.
Ever since then, I have been searching for the perfect shade of pale green nail polish. I tried a shade by Sally Hansen, but it was too pale and sparkly: it was like being transported back to junior high.

Then, Chanel's "Jade" limited edition nail polish reached my radar. Oh, how I coveted. But could I justify spending $30 on a little bottle of nail polish? Not on my student loan budget, I couldn't. Sigh. It is sold out now anyway.
See the one in the middle? I think my prayers might be answered.

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