Sunday, October 2, 2011

A question about loafers.

Yesterday, I popped into the thrift store with a friend of mine, looking for a nude top, something for organising my papers, and a bowl to put on my front hall table to store our keys in. I found all of those things, and I also discovered a darling 60s housedress and a pair of flat loafers. This is all delightful, yes, but the loafers pose a bit of a problem.

I'm unsure of how to style them. Part of it is because I'm insecure about how big and long they make my (admittedly large) feet look. Another part of it is that I've never owned nice loafers before, and unfamiliar shoes always seem to faze me. They look sort of like these, but with a longer and more rectangular toe box:

Cute, right? So I turned to Pinterest, which is probably my favorite website on the whole wide internet, for inspiration. What I discovered was this: flat loafers go with skinny pants. Pants pants pants. See evidence:

I, however, love my skirts and want to wear them while I show off my pretty new-to-me loafers. I had some difficulty finding gals wearing dresses with flat loafers (as opposed to heeled loafers), but after some digging, I discovered that I might get away with loafers and bare legs:

It looks like I could pull it off. However, fall is coming and bare legs are hardly an option. Can I add tights to the equation without looking like a dingus?! We shall see...

(this lady might be rocking some sheer hose? or a really weird tan? hard to tell...)

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