Tuesday, January 3, 2012

The Christmas Adventures of Norman the Gnome.

I've had an affinity for gnomes since I was 16 or 17. I remember trying to come up with a name for my livejournal (oh, those were the days). Inspired by a scene from Amelie where she was carrying a suitcase (actually, a satchel, but I'm never been the most observant person) and a gnome, I dubbed myself "suitcasegnome", and it's been my online handle ever since.

Despite my love of suitcases and gnomes, though, I've never gotten any gnomes as a present - until this year. My best friend Becca knitted me a gnome named Norman the Doorman, and we made VERY merry.

Here's how Norman spent his Christmas day.

 Norman tries on a Santa hat. We decide his own pointy red hat is festive enough.

 Norman gets tied up in the excitement of opening presents! Sorry, Norman, but you can't borrow my Tweety Bird pajamas.

Norman gives his presents a whirl. Lookin' good, Norm! 

Norman! Did you drink that whole bottle by yourself? You party animal...

Thankfully, Norman's recovered from his hangover now. I hope you all enjoyed meeting him, especially because he will be back tomorrow to share a recipe to use up the last dregs of eggnog in your fridge. 

Now, it's off to the new job with me! I'm so excited to have such a great opportunity.

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