Saturday, January 14, 2012

Saturday favorites!

This week, I'm late. Work has been crazy-exhausting. Anyway, I celebrated my husband's birthday with a wonderful date night, helped my friend start to organise and reimagine her closet, discovered some groovy new board games (Pandemic, anyone?), got to know my job and my coworkers better,  and ran an exhausting evening of errands with my dear, awesome, patient spouse.

This weekend, we're having some friends over for a fancy pajama party to celebrate my fella's date of birth in our giant blanket fort. We'll play games and eat tasty snacks. Exciting!

And now, the best of the internet this week:

Author Diane Duane is the victim of theft - her bank account was drained dry. Help her pay her bills in the interim by buying her e-books (all 20% off!). Her Young Wizards series is some of the best YA fiction out there.

The question of the year, according to Slate: Are smart people ugly? Why can't they go together, Slate?

Over at ESB, they just devoted a weeks to BOOBS. Dressing them, taking care of them, et cetera. I just downloaded the podcast for my commute. <3

A great tip for wearing button-downs with sweaters.

This is a neat idea for writers: make a wiki for your world-building!

If you love that there are all these new lip butters on the market as much as I do, here's a review of Revlon's vs. L'Oreal's.

My new favorite beauty product: Fotoshop by Adobé.

Some handy, simple food photography tips.


  1. a giant blanket fort? what an amazing idea!! i hope it's fun! and i love that your favorite new beauty accessory is fotoshop. how perfect!

  2. A fancy PJ party sounds so fun! I need to do that :)

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