Friday, January 6, 2012

Friday favorites.

{something calming to cap off a busy week...}

This week, I started off the new year with my first viewing of Ben-Hur and a chicken wing binge, checked some items off my to-do list, visited with my brother and my godmother's family, started my new job, spent a lot of time on the bus, and had a friend over for dinner.

Tonight, we're off to have dinner with friends. I'm excited to eat delicious food, give our hostess a gift I thrifted for her back home, play with their sweet daughter, and talk about all things geeky.

And now, the best I saw of the internet this week:

Who decided that women need to shave? Here's one answer.

Here is a short list of the benefits of video games.

Some thoughts on nerds and male privilege.

This advice for a young girl with an older suitor is fantastic.

Holy Steampunk Medusa, Batman!

Ten steps for happiness at work.

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