Friday, October 7, 2011

Desk, part 2.

It's official: I am in love with my desk. Sitting and working at it makes me feel productive and accomplished, even when I'm sitting here eating yogurt and watching YouTube videos. The power of a desk!

Another non-productive use of desk time was spent looking at Miss Vu's desk on flickr. She redecorates her desk fairly often, being one of those "creative types". My desk is smaller than hers, which leaves less room for experimentation, but I plan on having some fun. In case you're into that sort of lovely craziness too, here are my favorites from her collection.

Pretty adorable, right? Hopefully my desk will look this nice soon...


  1. Eeeek. My desk is SUCH a mess right now. Paper and junk EVERYWHERE. This post is actually really inspiring. Time to tidy up my living space already! Haha. Loooove it. Post pictures of your cleaned up desk, pleaseee!

  2. Thanks, Lexy! I find it pretty inspiring too. I keep staring at these photos...

    As soon as my desk is pretty and presentable, there will be photos, promise. :)

  3. This desk space is epic. I WISH I had a desk like this. How do you plan on using her ideas for inspiration? Will you thrift the goods? Revamp your current items? Do tell!

    More Modern Modesty

  4. Hi, Chandra! I wish I had a space like Miss Vu's to work with, myself! I think it will be a mix of my own things and stuff from the dollar store. The only thing I definitely won't do right now is paint it - too expensive! I can live with a little imperfection. :)

  5. asdjlajd AH SO FABULOUS. Seriously. My room is so embarassingly messy. I was going to describe it, but that would be just... embarassing. YES, THAT BAD.

  6. those are all so cute! Same desk, different deco! If my desk looked like that, homework might actually be... fun! haha never thought I'd see the day
    Lovely Little Rants

  7. Lexy - I hear you! There's a reason I'm not featuring my bedroom on this blog. ;P

    Candace - Thanks, Candace! A nice desk does make me feel motivated. :) I don't have homework anymore, but a neat workspace was always a step in the right direction.