Thursday, October 6, 2011


Lately, I've been craving a workspace. When we moved into our current apartment, there was no room for a desk, but I happily did most of my studying at school or at the dining room table at night. However, now that I'm at home during the day, when there is tons of light pouring into the dining room, I can't really sit there with my laptop. Sitting at the couch isn't really the greatest alternative, either.

Enter kijiji (a Craigslist equivalent). Within a few days, I found a $20 desk and brought it home using my friend's car. Now that it's sitting pretty in my living room, though, I have to take the next logical step: decorate it!

Naturally, I popped over to my Pinterest page and started looking for inspiration. I want to incorporate the area into the rest of the living room, but still have it feel like a productive space. Here are some of my favorite desks, workspaces, and home offices.

Love the simplicity!

The three clipboards on the wall might be a fun alternative to a cork bulletin board!

The wall-mounted lamp is a great way to free up desk space. Love the colour scheme too!

This bulletin board is great! You can close the shutters to hide your work when company comes and still have that beautiful green colour and interest.

This is just head-to-toe adorable. Shelving could be a good way to incorporate businessy things with pretty artwork.
Some drawer organization inspiration! I love the cute little lucite dividers.

In an ideal world, this would be my living room.

Hopefully, I'll figure it all out soon. My desk might find itself with an exciting new coat of paint (white to red? I think it'll work), and who-knows-what on top of it, in its shelves, in its drawer, and on the wall above it. I'll keep you posted!

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