Tuesday, October 25, 2011

My desk, part 1.

I've been promising desk makeover stuff, so I'd better start delivering. This week, my desk will be featured in a three-part series. Is that extensive coverage or what?

Today I'll show you the raw materials I started with. Here is my (mostly) naked desk in its natural habitat.

So far, there is a lamp, a vintage toothbrush holder housing pens, a little box holding paperclips and the like, a decorative tea light holder sitting on the base of my lamp, a calendar off to the side, and my external hard drives sitting on the top shelf.

As an unemployed lady, I can't really afford too much by way of "sprucing things up". Until I'm employed, it's an unpainted, imperfect desk for me, decorated with stuff from around the house and a few dollar store accessories I splurged on (yes, when you're as poor as I am, the dollar store is a splurge - so is the desk, for that matter!).

Stay tuned for the makeover, part 2, tomorrow. It's a minimalist makeover, but that's not enough for me, so part 3 on Friday will show the final, overstyled product. I was never very good at minimalism.


  1. alkjdlasjd well this is embarassing. My desk is currently filled with about half a billion magazines, some pens, calculators, wallets, lamp, lotion, vaseline, boxes... and that's only on the left of this computer. OH DANG. I'm excited for the full make-over reveal. OH LA LAAA.


  2. Oh man! I feel like I must DELIVER now.

    Keep in mind that my desk is in my living room and we like to entertain, so I have to keep it (mostly) tidy. Also it's too small for clutter. ;)