Saturday, November 5, 2011

the full effect.

Alright. You've seen my desk go from naked:

To lightly decorated:

But things have changed since then.

I'd write more about the transformation, but Blogger has eaten my drafts twice now and I am tired. :(


  1. YAYYYYYYYYY. Congrats! I just cleaned my room and it is SO FREAKING SATISFYING. Now, I'll have to decorate it some more. I love all your little tidbits that add character! Inspirational pictures and posters are key and much needed. Woohoo. CONGRATS.

  2. Hivenn - Thank you! "Lush" is a nice word for it. :)

    Lexy - Thanks! Congratulations on your cleaning efforts! Mine kind of pale in comparison. My bedroom is a whole 'nother sotry... *blush blush* I wish I had some of your lovely collages to add to the wall decor. ;)