Friday, November 25, 2011

Friday favorites.

I don't have much to add about this week since yesterday's post, except that I'm looking forward to a  restful weekend after this hectic week. Oh, except one more thing I'm grateful for: SNOW! I know some people think it's miserable and cold and a pain to shovel, but I'm Canadian. I spend a good chunk of my year with snow, and I've long since made my peace with that. Mostly I focus on how pretty it is, the stillness it imbues, and the fun to be had in it and on it. Snowmen ahoy!

{my girlfriends' backyard on the morning of the first snowfall. Gorgeous, eh?}

Here are the best links I came across on the internet this week.

Two cute videos for animal lovers: 1. Kitten Fight Club. 2. Lovely Owls.

Hangover cures for all those upcoming holiday parties. I like a big glass of water before bed, myself.

Here is a 21-pound layer cake with three layers, each of which contains a diffferent tyep of pieich contains a different type of pie (apple, cherry, and pumpkin, FYI).

Gorgeous production design images. Almost makes me wish I'd given it a try...

Why should grown women be ashamed of their teenage obsessions?

Miss Piggy's Top Ten fashion tips. My favorite is number 10.

A lady wore a wolf pelt named Wolf Blitzer to Breaking Dawn, and there are pictures.

In other Breaking Dawn news, awesome Twilight blogger and recapper Cleolinda wrote "Breaking Dawn in 15 Minutes". You should definitely read it.


  1. that snowy picture is gorgeous...makes me long for wintertime!

  2. bahahahaha Oh, Miss Piggy! That lil' list made me really smile and laugh out loud. Too cute.

    Snow! All I get here in Central California is DENSE...THICK...HEAVY...fog! No snow. However, my trips to NYC/DC in the winter have exposed me to snow and I must say...I am not a fan. Snow is, however, gorgeous to look at. Your friend's snowy environment looks super peaceful.


  3. Thanks, Tania! I'm pretty proud of it. :)

    Chandra - I love Miss Piggy. So excited for the Muppets movie! We get plenty of fog here in Nova Scotia, too, but mostly in the spring. In the winter it's rain and snow (I'd prefer more snow, less rain, but I might be in the minority...). I wish I had a backyard...