Friday, December 9, 2011

Friday favorites

This week, I made some headway on my to-do list, did a CostCo run in the pouring rain,  made butternut squash soup and eggnog ice cream, grew to appreciate my husband even more (thanks to his planning my birthday party, making me surprise caramelized onions, and having a beautiful, eye-opening conversation with me (love you, honey!)), turned my fingernails into disco balls, and dressed my cats up in humiliating costumes. Those poor dears - any excuse to make them wear a dumb costume, and it's on like Diddy Kong.

Poor Conroy ran away as soon as he could.

We got Guinnie when she was just a wee kitten, so she's been dressed up her whole life. 

The hat fell OVER her head. It was sad, but kind of hilarious. 

"Can I take this off now? Please?"

Tonight, we're off to a cafe to see some friends perform at their second open mic. We might have to get there a bit early and take a romantic walk through the park where John proposed, since it's right next door. Happy weekend, everybody!

To get you started, here's my new holiday favourite song:

Now, my favorite things on the internet this week:

A neat and simple makeup trick for dramatic cat-eye eyeliner.

Yes & Yes' list of suggestions for DIY gifts that don't suck. I might try a few of these out...

Gluten-free gingersnaps, which can be made crunchy or soft. YUM.

The rules of magic, according to a whole bunch of fantasy-themed movies, books, and TV shows. WOW.

Who knew a Tumblr full of past celebrity relationships could be so interesting?

A piece on the wonders of hanging out with fellow nerd-ladies.

A dash of cute from a hilarious blog.

Finally, Teddy the Porcupine REALLY loves his corn:

I swear I heard him say, "MY corn!"


  1. I'm giggling over the cats in their hats, haha. Love it!

  2. Thanks, Sarah! Any chance to humiliate my cats, I'll take. :)