Thursday, December 1, 2011

Two random fashion-related things.

Number one:
{Jeremy Scott, Fall 2011}

This dress exists. If I was rich, I'd be going as a sparkly sequined Supergirl next Hallowe'en.

Number two:
I went Christmas shopping last night, but I was also on the hunt for myself - hoping to find the perfect black jersey maxi skirt and a sequined top. I found the skirt (in navy, but that's still a neutral in my book). The top, however, was another story. Why are all the sequined tops either ugly, sold out, or waaaaay overpriced? If I was a better sewer, I'd just make my own. I've already started designing a few of them in my head...

Number three:
Marc Jacobs has IBD! He suffers from ulcerative colitis, which is similar to Crohn's but with a much smaller scope. He also uses diet to treat his disease, like me. It's always encouraging to hear about other people with IBD taking their health into their own hands with great results.


  1. I have wanted a sequin top for a while, but they either look really cheap or are WAY overpriced like you said. I am going to need to wait until they drop in price.

  2. Megan - I think I'll do the same, though it'll be torture waiting until NEXT holiday season to wear 'em... :(