Wednesday, January 19, 2011

70s-esque pattern-mixing

Orange patterned cowlneck: thrifted, Banana Republic
Striped cardigan: thrifted
Short black a-line skirt: thrifted, J. Crew
Black sweater tights: Joe Fresh
Black knit thigh-highs: not sure (a Japanese company, I think?)

I wanted to wear something cozy and cute for an ice-skating date. Unfortunately, we had to postpone said date because the outdoor rink was closed due to rain. I would have changed out of my outfit, since my lower half was outfitted specifically for skating (as embarassing as it is to admit it, I may have spent a fair bit of time planning this outfit in the days before...) but I would have been late for work.

I wasn't really feeling the pattern-mixing here. Though the colour proportions were about right, things felt… busy. Oh well.

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