Thursday, January 13, 2011

skinny pants at work: part 1

yes, these were taken in the washroom at my office. desperate times...

Grey sweater: thrifted
Black skinny pants: Banana Republic
Beaded shell necklace: gifted
High-heeled ankle boots: gifted by my mom, Rieker

These skinny black pants were my second-to-last purchase of 2010. I remember this because on New Years' Eve, I went to the mall in search of Gap's denim legging jeans, on sale. I couldn't contemplate spending 2011 denim-legging-less (shopping ban!), especially since I had tried on said denim leggings on a previous trip to the Gap and was deeply smitten.

I hadn't accounted for post-holiday sales, though. The Gap was PACKED with people, and the only legging jeans in my size had stirrups. I hate stirrups. They're so uncomfortable! :(

I found myself walking into Banana Republic, chatting with fabulous salespeople and walking out with skinny black pants. They were not quite what I'd dreamed of, but still cute and probably more work-appropriate.

When I got them home, though, there was a problem. I own two long-haired cats. Even though it is the dead of winter, they shed. They love lying on clothes. Sometimes, while cooking, I find cat hair on my dishes.

I should not have been surprised that in order to wear these pants, I have to spend 10 minutes with a roll of packing tape (my lint roller can't compete), picking off all the hair. Even then, there's still some, but enough of it is gone that I look about as covered in cat hair as usual.

Of course, there's also the peril of looking too casual. I am pretty afraid of these pants, even though my office doesn't have a dress code (many of my my coworkers wear jeans on any day of the week). I was afraid they were too tight. Too revealing. Too casual. But I wore them anyway, and my supervisor didn't tell me not to wear them again. I think they pass muster.

Though the sweater was also a bit casual, I think the necklace, boots and makeup kept me from looking sloppy.

How do you wear your skinny pants to work?

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