Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Asianoiserie, or: "It's like wearing four blankets. At once."

Red patterned dress: thrifted, H&M
Black tank: H&M
Black knit thigh-highs: not sure
Black leggings: Sears
Amber necklace and gold necklace: kiosk in a mall somewhere, estate sale
Jade earrings, Roxy watch, and black rose ring: gifted, all from my parents
Underneath it all: Banana Republic nude cami, Joe Fresh sweater tights (it's really cold out there, guys)

I've loved kimonos since I was in junior high and dreamed of wearing one to my high school prom. By the time my prom came, I knew a bit more about cultural appropriation and preferred to thrift for a dress that I would only wear once besides, so I wore a handmade dress I found at the thrift store two weeks before my prom (I'd had another dress, but this one was prettier). The love of kimonos stayed, though. I still regret passing up a beautiful shirt with furisode-style sleeves that I tried on at the thrift store back in my awkward teen years.

This dress is reminiscent of a kimono, though it might look almost passable with an obi-style belt. I was also in the mood for other Asian influences, thus the jade earrings and amber necklace. The orange scarf might be too much, but I like the mix of patterns and I was cold today.
(detail shot)
Now, you might be wondering: "Meg, yesterday it was minus 33 out, and today you're wearing a DRESS? Does that seem right to you?". And yes, dear reader, it does. Because I have a giant coat. And I could care less that it's not the prettiest thing ever, because dang it, I like my limbs better when they're not frozen off.
And it's comfy to boot! Score. :)

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  1. i really love this red dress!!