Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Making it work

Mustard yellow top: thrifted
Black pencil skirt: Joe Fresh

Orange patterned pashmina: gifted
Grey tights: Joe Fresh

Black heels: Seychelles

When I saw this shirt, I swooned. My parents oh-so-kindly (and subconsciously?!) picked up on my cravings for mustard yellow and ruffles and thrifted them for me. However, once on, the shirt didn't look... right. The ruffles made it hang oddly off my chest and the arm length just... wasn't right.

I was planning on chopping the sleeves and belting it, but this morning I grabbed it in a hurry, hoping the waist-cinching from my pencil skirt would be enough.
It... sorta was? I'm still not sure how I feel about this shirt. Does it need alteration before I'll wear it again...? We shall see.
I was totally rocking that orange pashmina though. It looked great. And so did my legs, if I do say so myself.
{psst! check it out! the underside of the scarf magically matches my tights!}

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