Wednesday, January 12, 2011

blue dress in a snowstorm.

Navy maxi dress: thrifted, Old Navy

Orange fair isle cardigan: thrifted
Long black coat: thrifted, Larry Levine Designs
High-heeled ankle boots: gifted by my mom, Rieker

The epitome of "too cold for outfit pictures". I was scouting for a place to take photos, but has to settle for the exterior of my office, because the wind was just ridiculous and I was afraid of having my freshly-applied non-weaterproof mascara run all over my face (yes, I apply my makeup on my lunch break, because I wake up too late to do it in the morning at home. I'm a lazy weirdo).

It's a shame you can't really see my outfit (except for my pretty, blowing scarf), because it was adorable. The blue maxi dress is thrifted Old Navy maternity (yeah, Old Navy is really too cheap to be worth thrifting, but it was so cute!). There's an orange sweater under there with some fair-isle designs, too. I rather like blue with orange lately...

The granny boots were given to me by my mom while I was home for Christmas. Even though she likes them and wore them often enough, she insisted that I take them. She was convinced that I didn't have enough boots… Thanks, Mom! :)

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