Monday, March 7, 2011

27 of 30: 90s-tastic.

blue maxidress: thrifted, Old Navy // floral cardigan: thrifted, twenty one // amber necklace: mall kiosk // gold M necklace: estate sale // watch: gifted, Roxy // gold twirl earrings: Le Chateau // black boots: gifted, Alfred Sung (not pictured)
I accidentally hit the zoom on my camera today, and didn't notice until after all the photos were taken.

I'd say I'm sorry, but I think they look kinda cute.

And even if I felt a little skimpily dressed for work, I still love this maxidress.

And maxidresses in general. How can you NOT love wearing what is basically a blanket that can't fall off?
tune of the moment: What’s Your Angle - Andrew Bird's Bowl of Fire


  1. When you think of maxi dresses that way they are the stylish versions of Snuggies! I am dieing to get one but my 5 2 frame is having a hard time finding one....

  2. Ah, but that's what hemming is for! Or the petites section. ;)