Thursday, March 3, 2011

25 of 30: stripes week, day 4.

striped top: Joe Fresh // denim pencil skirt: thrifted, dyed by me! // black tights: thrifted, Ralph Lauren // brown socks: gifted // grey socks: the dollar store! // black boots: gifted, Alfred Sung (not pictured)

Just like Sydney of The Daybook, today is "Awkward and Awesome Thursday"!

Complimenting my bank teller on her haircolour without getting a stylist recommendation! Argh! I am a fool!

Buying so many groceries on my lunch break that I have to call my husband and ask him to walk me home so that he can help me carry them all… d'oh!
How gung-ho SCDers would say that cocoa is totally FORBIDDEN on the diet. As is MSG… and powdered spices… all of which we use…

After those wonderful outdoor photos on Wednesday, it has been so ridiculously cold outside that I haven't dared take any today.
How I've noticed lately that my clothes have a habit of disappearing. I've been looking for my black jersey maxi skirt for months now!
I was feeling a bit nervous about wearing my newly dyed denim skirt today. Even though I spent a good half-hour rinsing out all the colour and it's been sitting, dried, on a clothes rack for about a week, I was worried that the dye would run the second it got wet (any rain or snow, a wet hand brushing against it, any sweating at all...). Luckily, that hasn't been the case… which is awesome.

How huge the bananas at the fancy grocery store were… and cost half the price of the bananas at the regular store…? Not sure why, but hey, no complaints from me!
My husband's discovery that we can make SCD-legal chocolate! The man is a genius, I tell you.
After years of being embarrassed by my thick wrists, I've finally started to embrace them by wearing bracelets regularly. My new black cuff has been getting TONS of wear so far.
So many different colours are in my closet/corner! It makes me smile every time.
How I manage to keep that corner of the bedroom organised most of the time (unlike my side of the bed…).
Boots on sale! I've never bought shoes online before, so this is exciting. Plus they were 75% off!
Naps with my husband. And our cats plopped down on top of us.
Exclamation points!
tune of the moment: Juliette - Hollerado

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