Wednesday, March 9, 2011

29 of 30: Plainly preppy.

blue button-down: Joe Fresh // navy cardigan: Joe Fresh // a-line mini: thrifted, J. Crew // tights: Joe Fresh // pumps: Seychelles // crystal studs: the drug store // chunky necklace: estate sale

This was not the outfit that I had planned: that outfit only has the blue button-down in common with this one. I wanted to be sleek and feel a bit preppy. I blame reading through the archives of Privilege (not that reading said blog is a bad thing at all, no! Just reading about Sturdy Gals tamped down my Artsy Cousin urges, I think...?).

Also, a neat discovery was made. The sleeves on that cardigan are too long. They extend over my hands, which looks pretty, but makes it hard to type. I had a brainwave today, though, and cuffed my sleeves. It completely transformed things for me. Why have I not done this before? It's so much easier than trying to cuff a pair of pants, and so cute!

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