Tuesday, November 16, 2010


Hello and welcome to my game of catch-up. Some of these photos were taken on the same night, because I didn't get a chance to photograph all my outfits on the days they were worn, nor did I realise until today that 30 for 30 doesn't include weekends. Such is life?

Day 5:
Green patterned dress: H&M
Lavender cardi: thrifted, Anne Taylor Loft
Brown tights: Curvations
Black flats: Joe Fresh
Braided belt: thrifted
"M" necklace: estate state
Amber necklace: kiosk in a mall somewhere?

This might be my favorite outfit of them all so far. I adore this dress - it's comfortable, feminine, and office-appropriate (but still fun). I pulled it off the sale rack at H&M and only realised after I'd tried it on that it's actually a maternity dress! Oh well. I still feel like a genius every time I wear it.

I also love this simple "outfit hack": lengthening a necklace by using another necklace. I have a short neck, so too-short necklaces make it disappear. I like the way the little "M" from the gold necklace (ten cents at an estate sale!) sticks out - makes things look a bit more deliberate.

Also, my "Curvations" tights? While I found them surprisingly comfy, I cannot recommend them. They're meant for curvier ladies, but only if they have very, very short legs. It was like wearing harem pants in hosiery form.

Day 6:
Green sweater - thrifted
Jeans - thrifted, Gap
Beige socks - thrifted
Plaid flats - Joe Fresh
Comic book paper necklace - gifted
Pendant - found object

I'm not going to lie - on most weekends, I'm usually lying around the house all day in my PJs. When I do get dressed, it's in something easy and comfy. My husband and I had some errands to run, so I threw this on. I always feel sort of sexy in jeans - probably why I don't wear them to the office very often.
I really like this necklace that was given to me one Christmas by my best friend. I don't wear it very often, though, because it doesn't have a focal point and often gets lost in the outfit I'm wearing. The day before, though, my husband found a stray earring on the side of the road, and I thought it would make a pretty pendant. It's cute, eh?
Day 7:
Green sweater - thrifted
Draped black skirt - Joe Fresh

Yeah… another PJs kinda day. I only left the house for my Sunday night dance class, wearing workout clothes. During the day, I was lounging around playing video games with my husband and making my first rubber band ball (surprisingly fun). We also had thaimpurafry (Thai tempura stirfry, made with sweet Thai chilli sauce and tempura shrimp) with tempura onions, which might be the most amazing meal ever. We started watching "The Ten Commandments", too, which I was afraid would be boring, but was actually very entertaining.

Day 8:
Long-sleeved striped top: thrifted, Banana Republic
Grey floral skirt: thrifted, H&M
Black tights: gifted and thrifted, Ralph Lauren
Blue scarf: gifted, Craft Resource Center (fair trade)
Black flats: Joe Fresh
I, too, am a victim of the stripes and florals trend. It's actually one of the main reasons I included this skirt - the other being that even though I love yellow and grey together, I seldom wear said skirt. I was so excited to be wearing this outfit, one of the first I'd planned, that I forgot to put on any jewelry. Oh well. I did, however, wrangle my hair into a cute high bun like I wore when I studied ballet.

And there we are, all caught up! I feel so much better. Until tomorrow!

P.S.: Song of the day: "Young Bride" by Midlake. Go listen to this.

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  1. that first outfit is my fave! love the little bun!