Monday, November 15, 2010


I haven't died, I promise! I've been faithfully doing 30 for 30 every day, though today and Friday involved no actual photo-taking of my outfits.

My problem is figuring out my work-life balance. My job is tiring, and most days I want to come home, flop onto the couch, and veg the night away. I've been kinda-sorta figuring out having a social life and working out more, but adding blogging to the mix has been a real struggle for me. I'm not quite sure why...

Anyway, here are the photos from days 3 and 4. I'll figure out what to do about 5 through 7 tomorrow.
Day 3 outfit:
Leopard cardi - Joe Fresh
Grey long-sleeved tee - thrifted, Gap
Purple pencil skirt - Joe Fresh
Black tights - no idea
Black boots - gifted, Alfred Sung
Watch necklace - The Black Market
This outfit is an adaptation of an old favorite, which will probably be seen before the end of the month...

Day 4:
It was Remembrance Day in Canada on November 11th. For those of you who don't know, Remembrance Day is a holiday that honours veterans, most notably those from the two World Wars. In my province, everyone gets the day off work and there are ceremonies all over the country, all at 11am. My husband and I visited one at a park overlooking the ocean, so we bundled up.

Black coat - gifted and thrifted, Larry Levine Designs
Black purse - thrifted, no idea
Black boots - gifted, Alfred Sung
Red gloves - not pictured
Poppy - worn in honour of veterans

Underneath (underwear???):
Black scarf - thrifted
Grey long-sleeved tee- thrifted, Gap
Grey ruffle dress - thrifted
Black leggings - Joe Fresh
Silk longjohns under leggings - Mountain Equipment Co-Op (highly recommended and very comfy)

I know, I know. The old "start with an apology/excuse and end with longjohn recommendations" trick. It's an oldie, but a goodie.


P.S.: Don't worry if that last bit made no sense. I have a bizarre sense of humour. Here, have some pretty pictures:

(I took this one!)


  1. Don't worry about forcing yourself to post pictures. It is hard to maintain that schedule.
    I love the foliage in your photos!
    The Auspicious Life

  2. love the outside shots! and your wood floors are fab. jealous.