Tuesday, November 9, 2010

So here it goes, guys. My first...fashion-y blog post. I'm not even sure what to call it. I'm terrified.

At least I looked cute today?

Yellow tee: Talbots (stolen from my mum)
Navy sweater: Joe Fresh
Brown pencil skirt: thrifted, The Limited
Brown tights: no idea
Brown boots: no idea
Accessories: nonexistent.

Right, guys? ... Guys? Well, I think I looked pretty cute. Considering it was rainy and horribly humid all day, my hair behaved marvelously. It never curls like that, except when I want it to. The weirdest thing is, it was all frizzy and gross this morning. But for some reason, it morphed into this sleek, wavy gorgeousness. Even more strange, my hairspray kept my bangs straight today, though it usually doesn't on humid days (possibly because I put on about five times more than I usually do?).

Ah well. If all else fails and the internet thinks I look like a troll, at least I had awesome eclairs today. One of the perks of a studly baker husband (the other perks being kissing, housekeeping, and having a free photographer). <3 size="2">P. S. Please excuse my skirt looking wonky - my raincoat didn't cover the whole thing, and it hadn't dried by the time we took pictures.
P.P.S There are more perks: he does the dishes and cooks me dinner to boot. And did I mention the kissing...?

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