Tuesday, February 15, 2011

11 of 30: Uncertain, a.k.a. Awkward Pose Day.

Yellow boyfriend sweater: Lands' End Canvas // orange pashmina: gifted // brown pencil skirt: thrifted, The Limited // black tights: thrifted, Ralph Lauren // black pumps: Seychelles

I have a bit of a problem. In the 80-odd days since I've started the SCD, I've shed at least 10 pounds (about a pound a week). Unlike most people with Crohn's, it was weight that I could afford to lose, and I'm happy to be a bit lighter.However, this morning when I got dressed, I found myself putting on a skirt that no longer fit me. The waistband, on the loose side the last time I'd worn it, was now practically falling off my hips. I tried paperbagging it with a wide belt, but it just looked silly. I went back to the closet and looked at my asymetrical striped skirt. It, too, had fit loosely on its last wearing, and I imagined it would be much of the same.

I finally settled on my brown pencil skirt, but I noticed that it wasn't hugging my waist as much as before - it was starting to gape away from it, thus the sweater OVER the skirt. Even my sweater, despite being a boyfriend style, feels like it should be a size smaller (an extra-small?! I've only ever worn one extra-small before that actually fit me properly).

As the 30 for 30 continues, I'm worried that I'm find myself with fewer and fewer clothing items to wear legally. I'd feel like a cheater for switching out those two skirts now, since I've worn them both at least once already. Let us not mention the fact that my "official" items post has yet to materialise... sigh.

Part of me wants to quit the challenge altogether, since my weight loss hasn't stopped yet (It's supposed to even out eventually, according to SCD veterans). That would make me sad, though: I don't like quitting, and even though I did complete the 30 for 30 last time around, I did a terrible job blogging about it. This was going to be my first "real" 30 for 30. This leads to part of me wanting to stick it out, suck it up and keep going, thinking of the people who wore 6 items of clothing for 30 days (an unimaginable challenge for me). If they can do it, surely I can handle, say, 20 items for the next 19 days?
For now, the plan is to stick it out and see how it goes over the next few days. What would you do if you were in my shoes, dear reader(s)?