Friday, February 18, 2011

14 of 30: Hoochie mama

Black scoopneck tee: Joe Fresh // pink cardigan: thrifted, Calvin Klein // denim pencil skirt: thrifted // brown bamboo-fiber tights: Walmart // silver earrings: Joe Fresh // belt: thrifted, Jordache

When I first put this on, I thought it was quite cute. I really like the peplum effect I got by belting my cardigan. It's very sweet, I think, and almost demure.

However, the combination of the cheap tights, the silver danglies, and the light denim pencil skirt make me feel like… a hoochie mama. I feel like I should be sitting in a pub in a British soap opera wearing too much mascara (sorry, Coronation Street, but sometimes your female characters look kind of like hussies). I think black tights might have saved this outfit…

Oh well. I'll blame a long, tiring work week and the fact that a fair number of my 30 for 30 items have been swallowed up by my giant, intimidating laundry pile. One of my weekend goals is to tackle that pile until it cries for mercy. Wish me luck!

{failed photo location#3667.}

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