Sunday, February 6, 2011

5 of 30: Just another manic Monday...

tan "sweatshirt": consignment store // grey floral skirt: thrifted, H&M // grey tights: Joe Fresh // blue scarf: gifted // black pumps: Seychelles

It certainly felt like a Monday morning when I woke up late, stumbled into the shower, and, when faced with my closet, picked the first two 30 for 30 items that matched that I could find (I really need to do laundry...). I regretted the choice of my tan sweatshirt, because the boat neck seemed a bit wide for work, and it looked downright drab next to my grey floral skirt, which felt gloomy on this cloudy morning.

Luckily, some bobby pins, hairspray, foundation and some creative draping later, I felt a whole lot better. Huzzah for creativity!


  1. To me this outfit looks like the moment spring starts to peek out from winter. Love it.

  2. Thanks, Erin! Sadly it was also the moment that my skirt liner starts to peek out from my skirt, but oh well. :)