Monday, February 21, 2011

16 of 30: the accessories make the dress.

black draped tee dress: Joe Fresh // black 3/4 sleeve cardigan: Joe Fresh // teal tights: Joe Fresh // black pumps: Seychelles // blue and green beaded neckalce: thrifted // purple gem earrings: gifted, thanks Tante Lynn! // silver jade and turquoise bracelets: gifted by my godmother <3

I was reading an entry on Privilege the other day about accessories. Lisa points out that accessories are often what shows personality: a punk (studs, Chucks), a prep (pearls?, black pumps), and a princess (opera gloves, chignon) would all style a little black dress differently.

When I put on this little black dress this morning, I wondered what my accessories would say about me. I knew I wanted to wear this necklace that I picked up at the thrift store on the weekend, and I picked out tights, earrings, and bracelets that matched. I'd nromally go with a coloured cardigan, but my 30 for 30 cardigans don't work: the red cardi is too loose to work with the drapiness of the dress and the pink cardi wouldn't have matched, so black it was. I think this outfit probably says "slightly bohemian 9-to-5er", but I can live with that.

Also, between my wedding ring being a half-size too big, losing weight and a dry winter, my rings are practically falling off my fingers lately! I finally got fed up with them twirling around my fingers, and that's why I'm wearing them on my necklace today.
Today marks a milestone in another challenge: day 90 of the Specific Carbohydrate Diet! I can't believe I haven't had sugar in the past 3 months! I think I'll celebrate with more pear salad with mustard vinagrette (I've made it at least three times already).

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