Friday, February 25, 2011

19 of 30: coffee stain.

navy maxi dress: thrifted, Old Navy // black tee: Joe Fresh // granny boots: gifted, Rieker // leggings: thrifted // silk longjohns: MEC // beaded necklace: Black Market (local store) // braided leather belt: thrifted // blue scarf: gifted // grey hoodie: thrifted, Gap

Every day on my lunch break, I sneak into the stairwell at work and take pictures, because it's still freezing outside. Because I am shy and afraid of being spotted, I put my iPod on full blast and set it down on the stairs instead of putting the earbuds in.

Today, the song playing was Sarah Harmer's "Coffee Stain", which is a beautiful but tragic song about love falling to pieces. That's why, despite my cute and cheerful outfit, I look so sad in these photos. I had to twirl to make myself feel better.

{It worked.}

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