Saturday, February 5, 2011

4 of 30: "Casual" Friday?

blue button-down: Joe Fresh (sleeves cropped by me) // wideleg trouser jeans: thrifted by my mom // black pumps: Seychelles // turquoise earrings: Le Chateau

Funny. On the Friday that I wear jeans, I feel more polished than I have for most of the week. I blame the button-down.

I've been admiring this look (trousers and button-downs) on ladies on TV and in movies lately. Two of the most influential examples for me are Cameron Diaz's character in "Knight and Day", and especially Officer Deb Morgan in "Dexter", played by Jennifer Carpenter.

However, since I had my hair pulled back and don't look as "feminine" (whatever that means, I just didn't want to be mistaken for a dude) as either of those actresses, I compensated with big earrings and more makeup than usual. My eyeliner might have been mostly hidden by my overgrown bangs, but I felt better. :)

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