Tuesday, February 1, 2011

30 for 30 day 1... sort of.

{Details: red cardigan: thrifted, Ricki's // striped dress: thrifted, Patagonia // burgundy tights: Joe Fresh // brown boots: gifted}

So I wanted to have all my 30 for 30 item photos taken and posted on this blog on Monday night. Somehow, this did not happen.

First, I took forever to choose my items (actually they're still not all chosen... I'm at 27 and there are a few items fighting for those last few spots...hopefully that doesn't count as cheating...?). Then, when I wanted to take photos, my husband was napping. This is the third night in a row that he's gone to bed too early for me to go into the bedroom, snag all my items, and take photos (I don't want to wake my poor dear).

However, since I couldn't very well go to work naked today, I wore three items that I KNEW were not budging off my list: my striped Patagonia dress, my red 3/4 sleeve cardigan, and my favorite pair of brown boots (I wore them to the UN!).

I broke Sal of Already Pretty's rule of leg line flattery (show either ankles or knees to make your legs look long and lean), but in this chilly weather, I'm more concerned about keeping warm, and that means long skirts and tall boots for me. Oh well.

{details: hematite studs: gifted // acorn necklace: thrifted, Nova Scotia Pewter // lipstick: Maybelline ColorSensational in Coral Crush}


  1. i'm sorry, but a diagonal striped skirt is the best idea ever! i love this! you look awesome. and your glasses are sweetness.
    http://adayinlifetoo.blogspot.com (fellow remixer!)

  2. I'm glad you think so! I think it's a pretty cute pattern. You are so sweet. :)